Apply to Participate

Neighbor To Nation participants meet the highest standards of transparency, program impact, and fiscal accountability. NTN serves these organizations by providing application, marketing, and fiscal services in state, local, and corporate workplace giving campaigns.

If you are interested in becoming a NTN participant, please fill out the form below. Our team will evaluate your charity to determine whether you qualify for participation and will follow up with more information.

Step 1: Please Check all that apply. My organization:
  • Is a a tax-exempt entity under U.S. Tax Code Section 501(c)3
  • Is headquartered in the United States
  • Prepares a Form 990
  • Conducts a financial audit adhering to GAAS and GAAP standards. Exceptions may apply if total revenue falls under $100K.
  • Accounts for its funds on an accrual basis
  • Delivers direct public services
  • Is governed by a Board of Directors, with less than half compensated