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Below are some frequently asked questions and answers.

What are some specific advantages to NTN membership?
For no additional cost, you will receive:
  • Online News is our bi-monthly electronic newsletter. The format is a quick read that provides information on workplace giving campaigns, federation activities, and links to other news articles.
  • PledgeNet was created for our members and offers campaign results and data on your organization’s pledge history, comparatives and geographic results at the touch of a button in real time.
  • Event Coverage is a major focus of our marketing effort. We concentrate on building relationships with campaign leaders and creating opportunities to present our members directly to campaign coordinators, key workers and donors themselves. We communicate directly with every campaign coordinator to identify opportunities to participate in campaign planning activities, training sessions and a wide variety of campaign promotional activities such as kick-off events, charity fairs and speakers bureaus.
How do I know if I am reaching my full potential in workplace giving campaigns?

Whether or not you are currently participating in workplace giving, NTN can help you better understand what contributes to your revenue ‘gains and losses’. To reach your full marketing potential with  state and private sector donors you must look at many components.   Do the unique elements of your program stand out? By working with the NTN staff, you will be able to answer these questions and begin to prepare a plan to build your visibility.

Do NTN’s services extend beyond workplace giving?

NTN does not offer, charge for, nor promote for benefit other types of fundraising such as car donation programs or internet auction sites that can be easily accessed by your charity directly. It is our desire to give you the best possible all-inclusive service without unnecessary padding. Our focus is aggressive workplace campaign fundraising.

What about corporate campaigns?

Corporate philanthropy is immensely important for a number of reasons, and employee-giving programs are just one of the many ways that companies express their cultures of corporate social responsibility. There are many different ways for a company to craft its employee-giving program, but there are some amazing programs out there that through collaboration with key stakeholders, NTN offers its members the opportunity to reach into these nontraditional programs.