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Unbound (Formerly Christian Foundation for Children and Aging)


Unbound partners with families living in poverty and invests in their dreams. We help young people achieve their educational goals and build better futures.

Program Overview

Unbound provides support to families living in 18 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. We create opportunity through an innovative form of sponsorship, delivering personalized benefits that help families improve their lives.

With the guidance of Unbound social workers, families in our program set their own goals and make plans to meet them with the support of their sponsors. This means every family in our community is on their own unique path, as there’s no one-size-fits-all method to overcoming poverty.

One of the common goals among Unbound families is for their children to attend school and pursue higher education as they grow. We are committed to helping students stay in school and complete their educations, so they can pursue their dreams and have brighter futures.

Our scholarship program was created to help hardworking young adults reach their educational goals. These young women and men are committed to improving their lives and communities through learning and community service. To maintain their scholarship, students must keep up their grades, volunteer and serve as role models for younger sponsored children.

Unbound scholars are building better futures for their families and communities.