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The V Foundation


A charitable organization dedicated to saving lives by raising money to fund cancer research and awareness projects.

Program Overview

The V Scholar Grant Program – Designed to identify, retain and advance the careers of talented young investigators. This grant provides funds young scientists who are developing their own independent laboratory research projects. These grants enable talented young scientists to establish their laboratories and gain the competitive edge necessary to earn additional funding from other sources. The V Scholars determine how to best use the funds in their research projects. This grant is for a $200,000, two-year commitment.
The Translational Research Grant Program – Facilitates the transition of research projects from the laboratory to the patient clinic. Scientists and clinicians seek to apply fundamental knowledge of cancer and bring the benefits of the new research to patients more quickly and efficiently through a seamless collaboration. This grant is for a $600,000, three-year commitment.
The Designated Grant Program – Funds research projects in communities or regions local to the fundraising area. Supporters and donors work with The V Foundation to identify a specific project, facility or awareness program. The Partners in Excellence grant program and the SPORE Supplement (Specialized Program of Research Excellence) grant program are examples of designated grants. This grant award ranges from $10,000 to $2 million over a four-year period.