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Interstitial Cystitis Association


Funds research, educates healthcare providers, and serves as hub for millions who suffer with urinary urgency and frequency and bladder pain called interstitial cystisis.

Program Overview

Research: (1) fund research through the Imagine No IC Pilot Research Program, (2) collaborate with researchers about the special needs of IC patients by serving on government and industry research committees, and (3) conduct research that inspires medical scientists to explore new theories about IC causes and treatments. _x000D_
Education: (1) host educational seminars about IC for patients, family members and the public, (2) sponsor continuing medical education programs for healthcare providers, (3) raise awareness about IC in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and (4) provide interactive services that teach patients to adopt self-care strategies that promote more effective treatment and offer a venue for sharing success stories with others in the IC community. _x000D_
Advocacy: (1) campaign for expanded research funding and healthcare options that address the special needs of IC patients on Capitol Hill and with federal agencies, (2) educate healthcare providers and payers about the complexity of IC management to ensure optimal health care, (3) maintain a network of peer educators who help other patients through the complex process of applying for disability insurance, and (4) teach patients and healthcare providers how to communicate effectively about IC symptoms, treatment options, and investigational therapies. _x000D_