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Gateway for Cancer Research


99 cents of every dollar directly funds human clinical trials that help people living with cancer to feel better, live longer and conquer cancer TODAY!

Program Overview

Our Board of Scientific Counselors applies stringent guidelines for reviewing each grant application, recommending to the Board of Directors only those that meet rigorous methodology standards and are in keeping with The Gateway’s mission. Through this formal review process, The Gateway ensures that funding is granted strictly to those projects that are truly innovative and have the potential to quickly translate from the researcher’s laboratory to the patient’s bedside. As the nation’s second most deadly and costly disease, cancer recognizes no boundaries. In the battle against cancer, The Gateway is on the front lines, supporting clinical research initiatives and educational programs designed to offer hope to cancer patients, survivors, and families in every community nationwide.

The Gateway for Cancer Research has funded, or is currently funding, over 100 innovative research projects dealing with new agent studies, immunology, nutrition, gene therapy and biogenetics. Gateway has committed over $19,000,000 to cancer research programs over the past 15 years. Compared to other organizations of our size, we are clearly among the most successful at funding Phase I and Phase II clinical trials. The quality of our funded research continues to improve every year as we relentlessly pursue the most exciting prospects for cutting edge clinical research with important patient impact. Each study is approved by the Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC) and by the Board of Directors for one year at a time and paid out on a pay-by-patient model. Only after receiving progress updates, confirming that patient accruals have been achieved, strict adherence to the protocol and presentation of a thorough financial accounting report will the next payment delivered.

The Gateway helped to revolutionize the way nutrition is perceived in the treatment and prevention of cancer. The Gateway produced a series of international symposia on the rapidly-emerging field of nutritional oncology. In cooperation with Academic Press, The Gateway published the first comprehensive medical textbook on the role of nutrition in cancer prevention and treatment and published the first definitive report on the negligible effects of shark cartilage as a cancer treatment option. The Gateway held the first Cancer Integrative Medicine conference in 2002 providing an interdisciplinary perspective of current research, clinical trials, and practical information in research specific to cancer integrative medicine. Because we are vigilant about monitoring our clinical research studies, we can assure our funding partners the best use of their contributions. Using a refined tracking database, we are able to identify and encourage greater interaction with our best researchers and encourage applications from clinical investigators who consistently provide us with important patient impact research. Our database, which provides an in-depth analysis of our portfolio, allows us to critically evaluate the diversity and strengths of our research program and to identify areas of opportunity. Historical documentation of our research projects provides a window through which we can view our past accomplishments and implement new strategic programs that reflect our mission to provide the most innovative and promising patient-driven clinical research delivering immediate treatment options and a genuine hope for cure.