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Diabetes National Research Group


Funds research to find treatments and cures for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Over 29,000,000 Americans are affected by diabetes. Please support our scientists.

Program Overview

Our support is in the form of research grants, equipment purchases, and laboratory renovation expenses, travel funds for presenting research results at both national and international levels, costs associated with establishing productive collaborative efforts with other international scientists, and costs for preparing inventions for further development into useful therapeutics for diabetes. We also supplement grants from other funding organizations, such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, when the grant award is not sufficient to cover all costs (laboratory rent and other occupancy costs, for example). The scientists we support collaborate with other diabetes focused researchers around the world and the number and range of collaborations with other diabetes scientists continues to grow. We are excited to be able to support these important efforts made by scientists who truly believe in the importance and outcome of their research.