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Children’s Food Fund/World Emergency Relief


Provides food for hungry children, medicines for the sick, relief for disaster victims & hope to millions living in poverty. Overhead 2% of donated resources.

Program Overview

CFF/WER fights poverty and hunger while providing relief for victims of disaster and armed conflict. We train local groups in program, management and administrative best practices to help increase their ability to deliver aid (capacity building) to those they serve. Other program focuses include food, safe water, healthcare and education. CFF/WER responds to these needs by sending quality goods at the request of our local program partners. These gifts-in-kind include food, medicines, hygiene items, blankets, educational materials and household supplies.

CFF/WER also provides grants to develop clean water strategies and to empower children through education. In the United States, we are working with Native Americans in Arizona & New Mexico to develop a sustainable gardening program for families in rural areas, while continuing to deliver fresh produce to supplement their needs.