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Changing Lives through Literacy – Child Aid


Providing Guatemalan children an escape from poverty through literacy by training teachers, librarians, improving libraries, and providing thousands of Spanish language children's books each year.

Program Overview

Each year we help teachers, many of whom read at a 6th grade level and lack a habit of reading, to become better readers themselves and to more effectively teach children to read, write and think critically. This is accomplished through group training sessions and one-on-one coaching in the classroom. We provide bilingual teaching strategies, as many of the children entering primary school speak one of 23 different indigenous languages, but do not speak Spanish. Our library science curriculum stresses after-school and school break reading programs, effective administration, and book lending. Book lending is something that typically does not happen in rural Guatemala because books are considered irreplaceable. Whenever possible, we help librarians partner with local schools to share books and resources. We also support these professionals and the schools and libraries where they work by delivering tens of thousands of children’s books to their shelves. We also provide training, materials and support to student teachers preparing to enter the profession.