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Breast Cancer Charities of America


Our program service goal is to educate and provide the latest accurate information about integrated cancer care, cancer prevention, recovery, treatment, early detection and survival.

Program Overview

The Breast Cancer Charities of America leads the quest to provide research funding into non-traditional cancer prevention and treatment options. We have a specific emphasis on understanding the link between nutrition and breast cancer. Research to demonstrate required changes in the American diet ranks as our top priority._x000D_
One of the primary goals of The Breast Cancer Charities of America is to teach “integrated cancer care.” We provide accurate, up-to-dateinformation on mobilizing the “whole person” in cancer prevention and recovery. We are pioneers in educating the public about breast cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, survival and quality of life._x000D_
The Breast Cancer Charities of America promotes public health policies for the prevention of breast cancer and the support of people touched by breast cancer._x000D_
The Breast Cancer Charities of America provides direct help now. Working through cancer treatment centers nationally, the “Help Now Fund” provides emergency financial services to assist patients and their families. We help with the unexpected expenses of cancer by assisting with past-due utility bills, rent eviction notices, and medical bills._x000D_