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Association for Christian Conferences, Teaching & Service (ACCTS)


Christian leadership training of soldiers and chaplains in each country world-wide so that lives & our nations are changed by empowered, Christ-filled military personnel.

Program Overview

Students from other countries arriving in the USA for study are another area where ACCTS staff provides assistance. This can be a traumatic time psychologically in these students’ lives, so ACCTS helps by including them in activities, inviting them into American homes and letting them become part of an American family. We also provide ESL courses for students who wives accompany them. When these students return to their home countries following their assignment here, we are usually able to put them in contact with Christians in their home localities. As American military personnel travel or are assigned to foreign countries, ACCTS also serves as a source of national contacts for them. From this has evolved a ministry to military attaches and those studying to become attaches.

ACCTS responds to military Christian individuals and/or groups in over 143 countries who ask to be included in our monthly mailings of inspirational/devotional literature. These materials include a newsletter and prayer requests, and our mailing them to cover one hundred countries enables those items to be remembered in prayer worldwide. These reports also serve as an incentive to individuals still in the planning stages toward a national group in their own countries. Each year we plan a “Day of Prayer” on which because of the geographical distribution of those who receive mailings, 24 hours of continues prayer support is ensured. We are careful to observe any requests for confidentiality. The quarterly issues of these materials are translated into Spanish and Russian for those countries where that is the national language.