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Each of the Cause Programs support the work of trusted member organizations whose collective goals are to address various aspects of humanitarian issues affecting our world.
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People in deed... helping people in need

Neighbor To Nation (NTN) continues its mission to connect some of America's best charitable organizations in the fields of human services, medical research, and faith-based programs with donors in state and local workplaces giving campaigns across the country.
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Medical Research Cause Program

Your support is needed to advance lifesaving research in a range of fields, such as biology, chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology with the goal of developing new medicines or medical procedures or improving the application of those already available.
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Disaster & Emergency Relief Cause Fund

All donations to the Disaster Relief Cause Fund allocated to member charities that are dedicated to recovery efforts for any given disaster.


Hurricane Matthew Response Fund (CHC Partner)

Hurricane Matthew has barreled through the Caribbean and up the Eastern U.S. coastline, devastating communities from Haiti to Charleston, South Carolina. Hundreds of lives have already been lost and much more injured. In the wake of this monstrous storm, communities are scrambling to get access to basic needs – like


General Health & Rehabilitative Services Cause Program

Save lives globally and locally by providing healthcare, medicines, clean water sources, dental care, community health education and nutrition to families fighting illness, poverty, fear and exploitation. Some members working to provide these services include Healing Waters International, Mexican Medical, A Child’s Hope Fund, Blessings International, MAMA Project, Inc., Water

Participating Charities

People in Deed helping People in Need.

Neighbor To Nation participants meet the highest standards of transparency, program impact, and fiscal accountability. NTN serves these organizations by providing application, marketing, and fiscal services in state, local, and corporate workplace giving campaigns